Blueberry Wine is Our Specialty!

We offer four different types of blueberry wine. All four wines contain blueberries and no other fruit or vegetables. Blueberries are high in antioxidants and are one of nature's super foods. All of these wines go very well with many types of food. Be sure to try all our varieties to see what pairs well with what food you are eating or enjoy, a glass or bottle by itself.


Wine Tasting is available on Sundays during the U-Pick Season or by appointment only. To make an appointment please call 607-652-4712


If you are interested in purchasing our wine online please visit Catskill Cellars.

Dry Blueberry Wine

Dry is very similar to a merlot and does not have a lot of sweetness. This wine has the lowest sugar content.

Semi-Dry Blueberry Wine

This wine is less like a merlot and more towards the sweeter end of the spectrum.

Semi-Sweet Blueberry Wine

The wine is similar to a chardonnay. It has excellent depth of color and a nice finish.

Sweet Blueberry Wine

Sweet is very similar to a dessert wine like a muscato and is the sweetest of all our wine selections. This wine has the highest sugar content.

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